[NC-TĐ] The Changing Discourse on Human Rights in VN’s Constitutional Reform

NỘI QUY: Các thành viên tự chịu trách nhiệm về các nội dung mình chia sẻ trên nguyên tắc tuân thủ pháp luật, tôn trọng lẫn nhau. Để tham gia Diễn đàn, các bạn có thể đăng ký làm thành viên tại ĐÂY. Trước khi bắt đầu, các bạn nên đọc hướng dẫn sử dụng Diễn đàn tại ĐÂY.

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    Tên tài liệu: Deconstructing the “Socialist” Rule of Law in Vietnam: The Changing Discourse on Human Rights in Vietnam’s Constitutional Reform
    Tác giả: Bùi Hải Thiêm
    Nguồn: Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 36, No. 1 (2014), pp. 77–100.
    Tóm tắt:
    Over the past two decades, efforts by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) to build a “socialist” rule of law through legal and judicial reforms have contributed to the vibrant constitutional politics in the country. During the process of amending the 1992 Constitution, the socialist theoretical foundations of the Constitution quietly shifted as a result of new thinking and values. The complex interactions of old and new ideological precepts were prominently reflected by the changing discourse of human rights during debates about amendments to the 1992 Constitution. This article investigates the development of the “socialist” rule of law and the changes taking place in the discourse
    of human rights during the constitutional reform process in Vietnam. In setting out the context and content of constitutional reform, it seeks to deconstruct the socialist rule of law and interpret the discourse of human rights accordingly. In doing so, the mechanisms by which human rights have been socialized will be unpacked to make sense of subtle changes in the human rights discourse. Furthermore, the paper aims to uncover the implications of such a change for the development of Vietnam’s human rights regime.

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