Vietnam’s hedging strategy against China since normalization

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Title: Vietnam’s hedging strategy against China since normalization

Author: Lê Hồng Hiệp

Source: Contemporary Southeast Asia, Volume 35, Number 3, December 2013, pp. 333-368.


Since the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese relations in 1991, Vietnam’s China policy has been shaped by a combination of approaches which can be best described as a multi-tiered, omni-directional hedging strategy. The article argues that hedging is the most rational and viable option for Vietnam to manage its relations with China given its historical experiences, domestic and bilateral conditions, as well as changes in Vietnam’s external relations and the international strategic environment. The article examines the four major components of this strategy, namely economic pragmatism, direct engagement, hard balancing and soft balancing. The article goes on to assess the significance of each component and details how Vietnam has pursued its hedging strategy towards China since normalization.

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