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“The Virgin Mary is Going South”: Refugee Resettlement in South Vietnam, 1954–1956

Source: Jessica Elkind, “The Virgin Mary is Going South”: Refugee Resettlement in South Vietnam, 1954–1956″, Diplomatic History, Vol. 38, No. 5 (2014), pp.987-1016.

In the months following the 1954 partition of Vietnam, nearly one million people fled their homes north of the seventeenth parallel, hoping for better and more secure lives in the south. Many of those fleeing had served in the French colonial administration and were Catholics, and they feared political or religious persecution under Ho Chi Minh’s government. South Vietnamese and American officials actively encouraged and supported the migration, despite the fact that the influx of northerners presented immediate challenges both to the southern government and to the […]

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Tham nhũng và tăng trưởng kinh tế

Tác giả: Trần Hữu Dũng[1]

Mục đích của bài này là để phân tích những quan hệ giữa tham nhũng và tăng trưởng kinh tế, chú trọng đặc biệt đến trường hợp các quốc gia cần phát triển và đang chuyển đổi như Việt Nam.  Trước tiên, nó lược duyệt những hậu quả kinh tế tiêu cực (và vài hậu quả tích cực) của tham nhũng.  Sau đó, nó sẽ đưa ra một số biện pháp chống tham nhũng trên ba bình diện:  giảm động lực tham nhũng, giảm cơ hội tham nhũng, và giảm lợi lộc do tham nhũng.  Bài […]

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Fraternal Support: The East German ‘Stasi’ and the DRV during the Vietnam War

Title: Martin Grossheim, “Fraternal Support: The East German ‘Stasi’ and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War”, Cold War International History Project Working Paper #71, September 2014.


In the post-war world, new linkages were established between the so-called “Second World” and the “Global South.” This working paper explores the role which the German Democratic Republic (GDR), or East Germany, played as a second-tier member of the socialist camp in the evolution of state socialism and state modernization in Vietnam. The paper analyzes the links that were forged between the secret service of a minor player in Cold War, the GDR, and […]

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Perspectives on the South China Sea: Diplomatic, Legal, and Security Dimensions of the Dispute

Authors: Murray Hiebert, Gregory B. Poling, Phuong Nguyen (editors)

Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies

Summary: The South China Sea is arguably one of the world’s most dangerous regions, with conflicting diplomatic, legal, and security claims by major and mid-level powers. To assess these disputes, CSIS brought together an international group of experts—from Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. This volume gathers these experts’ analyses to provide a diverse and wide-ranging set of perspectives on the region and to explore possibilities for future cooperation.

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Cộng đồng học giả và vai trò trong việc nghiên cứu Biển Đông

Tác giả: Trương Minh Huy Vũ & Nguyễn Việt Vân Anh

Nguồn: Tạp chí Nghiên cứu và Phát triển,  số 5 (112), 2014, trang 5-16.

Tóm tắt: Cách đây hai mươi năm, nhà khoa học chính trị người Mỹ Peter M. Haas cho ra đời khái niệm “cộng đồng học giả” (epistemic community), giả định rằng các nhóm chuyên gia có thể ảnh hưởng lên nhìn nhận về lợi ích của những người làm chính sách. Cách tiếp cận cộng đồng học giả được chú ý không những trong giới học thuật mà cả chính trị với lý do chủ yếu nằm ở giả thuyết cộng đồng […]

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Inflation dynamics and monetary policy transmission in Vietnam and emerging Asia

Title: Inflation dynamics and monetary policy transmission in Vietnam and emerging Asia

Author: Rina Bhattacharya

Source: Journal of Asian Economics 34 (2014) 16–26

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of inflation developments in Vietnam in the years following the doi moi reforms, and uses empirical analysis to answer two key questions: (i) what are the key drivers of inflation in Vietnam, and what role does monetary policy play? and (ii) why has inflation in Vietnam been persistently higher than in most other emerging market economies in the region? It focuses on understanding the monetary policy transmission mechanism in Vietnam, and in understanding the extent to which monetary policy can explain why inflation in […]

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Explaining US Strategic Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific Region

Author:  Prashanth Parameswaran

Source: Contemporary Southeast Asia, Vol. 36, No. 2 (2014), pp. 262-89.

Abstract: Since the mid-1990s, strategic partnerships have emerged as a new form of alignment between states, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Yet only recently has the United States begun to pursue such relationships, especially under the Obama administration which has signed new partnerships with Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and New Zealand. As a result, the current literature does not yet include significant study on how the United States views strategic partnerships. This article attempts to fill this gap by exploring the emergence of strategic partnerships as a new form of […]

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Locating Vietnam-Japan strategic partnership in the changing East Asian political landscape

Author: Do Thi Thuy

Source: Japan Institute of International Affairs Working Paper series

Abstract: Unlike the other complicated bilateral relationships in East Asia, Vietnam and Japan are the two generally ‘problem-free’ neighbours. Despite having been ‘strategic partners’ since 2006, due to domestic and external constraints, until recently this strategic partnership was mainly confined to the economic domain. However, with the changing regional political landscape stemming from China’s growing unilateralism and assertiveness in territorial disputes, the ambiguity of U.S. commitment to Asia,

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Vietnam’s South China Sea Disputes with China: The Economic Determinants

Author: Le Hong Hiep

Source: The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2014, 175–191.

Abstract: This article seeks to provide an investigation of the influence of economic factors on the dynamics of Vietnam’s South China Sea disputes with China as well as the shaping of its related strategy. The article argues that since the late 1980s economic factors have contributed significantly and in different ways to the evolving dynamics of the bilateral disputes. Vietnam’s effective exploitation of the sea’s resources for economic development and China’s moves to counter such efforts have generated constant tensions in their bilateral relationship.

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Ethnic Minorities, Government Policies, and Foreign Relations: The Ethnic Chinese in Vietnam and Ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia

Author: Ramses Amer 

Source: Asia Paper, June 2014.

Abstract:The main purpose of this study is to analyse the impact of government policies and foreign relations on ethnic minorities. This is done through two case studies from East Asia. The cases are: 1) the ethnic Chinese in Vietnam and Sino-Vietnamese relations, and 2) the ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia and Cambodia-Vietnam relations. Both cases display that inter-state relations can have considerable impact on the situation of ethnic minorities in neighbouring countries. The two cases also display that deteriorating inter-state relations can influence government policies toward ethnic minorities. In both cases deteriorating inter-state relations combined with government […]

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